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コカコラ、Coca Cola Part 3

July 21, 2018



As you may have guessed, I, as a marketing professor, have been captivated by Coca Cola's marketing efforts in Japan. Here is just the latest in a wide variety of new products I've seen them introduce this summer.


No, don't adjust the color on your screen.  Those are Coca Cola products, and that is not Coca Cola red on the labels. These are just the newest varieties of Coca Cola in Japan.


Let's find your summer color


It special packaging for the summer weather ...

From a press article I found about it:


Coca-Cola’s red has some company this summer. The brand has given its range a grand splash of color to celebrate the warmer days.

For a limited time in Japan, customers can get their hands on special Coca-Cola, as well as Coca-Cola Zero, bottles and cans with labels that are tinted with assorted colors resembling the rainbow.

Aside from Coca-Cola’s red and Coca-Cola Zero’s black packaging, the company has brought zest to its offerings with varying shades of orange, green, blue, purple, and pink.



And that's not all ... they have a whole series of collectible bottles. Those cute little red, metal bottles that have the names of famous places in Japan. I, unwittingly, have three of them ... I just happened to be in Saitama and Ueno when the new bottles came out. I even have one with fireworks!





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