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June 20, 2018

What could be better than Minions to cheer you up on a grey rainy day that started with a liberal spoonful of salt on your cornflakes?


Perhaps I should play Paul Harvey here, and start with the rest of the story.


I slept like the dead last night. I was tired. I'm going into week 6 of being here. I'm in the midst of classes and grading and having a touch of homesickness for friends, garden, and especially cats. This morning was really dreary and grey with much rain in the forecast for the day.


I finally got up - late - and stumbled into the kitchen. Poured myself a healthy bowl of bran and corn flakes, cut up a fresh peach and put it on top, then scooped a bunch of Japanese yogurt on top. I wasn't sure whether the yogurt was sweetened or not ... heck, I'm lucky it was yogurt and not spackling compound. Reading labels in the Japanese grocery store can be tough. But this said "probiotics" on the label so I thought it was a safe bet. It was yogurt. Totally unsweetened ... with my history with yogurt I needed a little sweet to take the edge off. So I reached into the cupboard and pulled out the big jar of white crystalline stuff that I thought was sugar. Stuffed a spoon into it and sprinkled at least a teaspoon of it liberally on top of my cereal.


At first bite I knew something was a little off. Second bite I knew what I'd done. Ugh. Into the trash with all of it. Tried again. A clean bowl, more flakes, another peach, another scoop of yogurt and ... Well, there was another jar of white powder in the cupboard. This time I got smart though and tasted it first. Rice flour. That wasn't going to help either.  So I decided to forgo the sweetness and just ate it.


After a couple hours of grading student papers ... it seems that is part of my life wherever I am ... I decided to take a walk to the post office, a half a block away, to mail a letter to a choir friend who, I learned this morning, is about to have by-pass surgery. That's where the path to the Minions started.




First off, a Japanese post office is nothing like a US post office. Of course you can mail things there, but it's also part bank --- you can pay your bills, save your money through the Japanese P.O.  It also have a lovely selection of stationary, post cards, and wonderful greeting cards. I'm such a sucker, I just had to buy some of the postcards with cute cats on them, and pictures of flowers that I won't see in my garden this summer. And one of the biggest differences in the Japanese post office, is that, after your transaction, they give you a little goody bag with tissues, wet wipes, and a packet of a special tissue for taking oil off your face.


It was buying the post cards led me to the Hakuen Shop... a dangerous place even on a day when it wasn't gloomy and I wasn't homesick. The postcards I bought at the PO are so pretty I really don't want to write on them to send them. I went to the Hakuen Shoplook for some envelopes of the correct size to They must have gotten a new shipment of stuff because I immediately saw the Minion mug and when I went to the stationary section, there was the Minion notebook. And, of course I found a couple other things I had to have ... I'm not exactly sure what they are but I'm sure Shoko will help me. I think the yellow thing is for poaching an egg. The cat things ... look like they are for sticking into something, but who cares. I miss my critters.

 At the check out, the cashier --- lovely lady --- noticed the Minion on my key ring, and my Minion change purse, and the Minion items I was buying, and we have a good laugh. I told her they make me laugh. She said they were really cute. She pointed out the Minion fans to me and cracked up when I told her I had already bought one of those.


When I got home, I opened one of the lovely, pop up greetings cards I had purchased, and put it together.


It may be raining outside, but I have sunflowers in here!









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