A new experience

I did something today that I've never done in Japan before. I went to see an eye doctor. Tuesday night my left eyelid was sensitive. By Wednesday morning it was very sore, bright red and swollen. I kept warm compresses on it throughout the day but by Wednesday night it wasn't getting any betting.

Well, this is interesting I thought. What do I do about this?

I started with some "google" research to see if there was a local clinic or health center nearby. I located one that looked like it wasn't too far away and the reviews said they spoke English. That seemed like a real plus!

When I went to campus on Thursday morning, I asked the young woman in charge of taking care of my living arrangements what she recommended. She checked out the place I had found and found out when their "eye" doctor was in. I would have to wait until Saturday morning, but that was OK. I didn't think this was life threatening.

About an hour later she came to my office with a better plan. She had found an eye clinic not far from campus. She gave me detailed instructions on how to get there ... and I mean detailed. Their web page in English (left), their location relative to our campus (center) and then an arial streetview (right) with the route mapped out. That arial view was really a life saver ... especially the visible red brick building that indicated I was on the right street.

So this morning, after attending an information session with the President of Temple, I walked over to the clinic. Was easy to find. And tiny. The waiting room had about 8 people in it when I walked in but they seemed to have a good system of shuffling us from one task to the next. The staff didn't speak much English but the doctor did. As I suspected, a infected or blocked tear gland, which I've had before. She prescribed antibiotic eye drops and an ointment for nighttime. And now I have an official medical card with them. I guess that's a good thing ... if this doesn't go away like it should, or it happens again.

Next challenge... find a drugstore and figure out what to do about the prescription. Fortunately I wandered past one on my way to lunch, and was ushered to the counter in the back of the store. I handed them my prescription and then sat down to fill out some paperwork. When I returned the paperwork, I asked how long it would take. The young woman had it in her hand. Well, that was easy. And the whole adventure only cost me about $65.00.



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