Complaining body parts

You know it had to happen ... into week 2 here with a few complaints. Mostly from different body parts.

My head is saying, "Oh my. I'm so tired." Last night was the first night I slept almost all the way through the night, well, until 4:15 AM anyway. I'm still adjusting to the time difference. Usually takes about ten days. It doesn't help that my brain is on overdrive thinking about preparations for my courses.

And my eyes? "Stop staring at a computer screen! I can't take it anymore!" The last few days have been constant computer work on assignment schedules, class exercises, lectures etc. Going to take a break this morning.

My nose? It's actually not complaining. Less or different pollen here that's not bothering me. Also a lack of cat fur in my environment is probably a blessing, but ... :-( ... I do miss my furry friends. I miss having something else alive in my apartment. I stopped by the pet store on the way home from campus yesterday ... just to look of course. Maybe I should go to D2 (Japanese version of Home Depot + Bed, Bath and Beyond) and buy a plant. I did buy flowers at the supermarket.

Meanwhile, my digestive tract is complaining, "What's this food you are eating? It's good, but ... it's very different. How do I handle that?" Apparently, not well. Today is going to be a very bland diet close to home.

My legs and my feet. Oh my. "How many miles do you have to walk every day??? We aren't used to this." Fortunately, some of the things I packed that increased the weight of my luggage substantially, were all my orthopedic devices ... knee braces, arch supports, metatarsal pads, kinesiology tape ... they will all get well used here. There's ice in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. I'm afraid my fashion statement here is going to be my sensible black walking sneakers with every outfit.

And down to my toes ... well, "What are all these tiny steps we keep running into and tripping over? Hurts!" One thing I've always found interesting about Japan is the fact that steps of any kind are not of consistent height. Staircases tend to have a smaller rise than in the US. They are easy to deal with. It's all the unexpected "step ups" that are killing my toes. The entry to the bath in my apartment has about a 2 inch rise. I trip over it every time I go it. At TUJ there are all kinds of short ramps with about a 1 inch riser. I band my toes into them on a regular basis. And it seems like every time I get up from my desk at TUJ, I trip over the footings for the screen behind my office desk and then lurch down the short ramp out the door.

Oh well. My heart and spirit are still happy. There are so many things I like about being in Japan ... being able to talk and visit frequently with Shoko, arrange dinners with friends from long ago, and meet up with recent students. To experience an outstanding level of customer service. To deal with people who are polite and helpful. So, body parts ... just get over yourselves! This is life. And it's a good one.

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