The day before ...

Today is a weird day …

It's totally dreary ... cool and rainy.

I figure a picture of my the bleeding hearts in my garden is appropriate for the day.

That's how I feel.

It's just after noon.

I’ve got my boarding pass printed.

I’m essentially packed except for all those last minute “what about this?” things.

I’m sitting here trying to think if there is anything else I have to talk to Marianne about for either the house (OMG I forgot to tell her how to install the dining room AC!) or the cats (OMG I forgot to tell her about the Feliway things).

I’ve changed my bed linens with much help from Millie.

I’ve cleaned up the hairball that Lizzie coughed up this morning before she started racing around the house like a maniac.

I've cleaned off my desk, much to Maxx's annoyance. "What do you mean there isn't anything I can lay on that you're trying to read?"

I've unsubscribed from dozens of useless emails and told CVS not to leave me reminders for anything.

I’ve got a last load of laundry in the washer.

My OCD keeps wondering what else I need to do? There must be something?

Going to be a long couple of days until I get there. I leave the house at 6 AM tomorrow morning. The flight leaves Newark at 11 AM and lands in Tokyo at about 2 PM on Tuesday afternoon. (For those of you challenged by this time change, that's about 1 AM Tuesday morning here)

I probably won’t get to Shoko’s until about 7 Tuesday evening … about 24 hours after I leave the house. At least I’ve given myself a few days to recover before I dive into work at TUJ.

I'm a mix of happy anticipation ... preparing for the courses I'm teaching, making plans with friends in Japan for weekend excursions ... and tears ... while petting my purring fur children or wandering through my garden or having conversations with my besties before I go.

And the way time moves these days, it will be my last day in Japan and I'll be feeling this way about coming home.

It's a challenge being at home in two different worlds.

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