Time travel

Time, ... an interesting concept. Sometimes the way in which we measure seems rather arbitrary. I mean, the government tells us that between March and late October it's different than from November to March. When you travel you need to shift your perspective on time. And left to our own devices, without the annoying alarm clocks and schedules, we each have our preferred awake and asleep cycles.

It's no wonder I get confused. Between spending nearly three weeks on Japan time, that is 13 hours ahead of Philadelphia time, flying home and getting here before I left (international date line) and not coming back to a "normal" (at least that what everyone calls it) time schedule during the summer ... I hardly know what day it is, let alone what time it is. Does it really matter ... my garden needs to be weeded and tended regardless of what day it is.

I had terrible insomnia for about three weeks after I got home from Japan. I would fall asleep by 9 or 10 PM and then wake up thinking I'd sleep through the night only to find it was 1 AM. Argh! Then another two hours of light sleep. Then awake around 3 to 4 ... tossed, turned, grumbled. Stopped fighting it. Got up. Totally confused the cats. Gradually this shifted ... I'd be awake later and later into the wee hours. Finally fall asleep and with no fixed schedule to get me out of bed in the morning I'd sleep till noon.

Gradually I have shifted into my body's preferred schedule ... basically California time ... up until 1 or 2 AM, sleeping in till 9 or beyond. Heaven help me in the fall when I have to be on campus by 8 or 8:30 which means getting up early enough to shower, dress, feed the cats, grab a bite to eat, and get out the door in time to catch either the 7:15 or the 7:45 train. It's cruel and unusual punishment.

So what has me pondering "time" ... yesterday time seemed totally out of whack ... when you start the day spending nearly an hour trying to complete a phone order that's not a good sign. I got cut off twice. First time they called me back. Second time I called them back. Got put on hold too many times to count and listened to the same, short, loud, obnoxious announcement while on hold. At one point, while on hold, someone answered the phone from a totally different department and I got shifted around to at least 5 people who couldn't help me get back to where I started. No wonder I was a little discombobbled when I left the house to run my errands.

I was headed to the Italian Market in south Philly. It's about a 20 to 30 minute drive when traffic isn't crazy. I left the house about 2:20. Traffic was snarly here and there but not terrible. When I got out of the car I checked how long the parking spot was legal and looked at my phone to figure out when I had to be back to move the car. According to my phone it was now 4:29 PM. What? Had I driven through a time warp? There was no way in hell it had taken me over two hours to get there. Even I would have been aware that I'd been in the car that long. I kept updating the phone with "current date and time" and it kept telling me it was around 4:30. Befuddled, I hurried on because if it really was 4:30 I didn't have much time to shop!

At the first stop on my journey, for a cheesesteak ... late lunch --- who knows what time zone my stomach operates by --- I asked what time it was. According to their clock, it was 3 PM. Now that sounded about right. So as I waited for my steak I dug into the "settings" on my phone. Hmmm ... I don't remember going to Newfoundland. How the hell did my phone wind up on Newfoundland time?? Maybe I should take that Minion sticker off the back of my phone so they stop messing with it. It's funny my phone picked Newfoundland as a time zone. When the summer weather gets really hot and sticky and awful, I consider moving to Newfoundland.

I'm back on Philly time for now but I can't help wondering if maybe my phone knows something I don't.

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