That's a question I've wondered about for a long time. Let's just say I'm a traveler... I love going places I haven't been before. I love going back to places that I've enjoyed. I love connecting with people of all kinds ...

Unfortunately I didn't start traveling until I was in my 30's ... but once I did, I loved it. I'd always envisioned myself going places. I had thought I'd wind up spending a lot of time in Europe, but then I had an opportunity to go to Japan on business and said, "Well, since I may never go there again, I'm going to take a few extra days to look around." Little did I suspect that I would fall in love and go back, on average, about once a year for over 30 years. (I was only 6 when I went for the first time! :-) )


As I tell my students in International marketing ... if you have an opportunity to travel, do it. There's no substitute for experiencing the real thing ... the Taj Mahal, an elephant encounter, hearing the echos of a thousand years of history in Notre Dame.


I also tell them ...  don't just hang out with your American friends. Get to know the locals. Not only will you get to go places the tourists don't, you'll learn that no matter what language one speaks, what color their skin, what clothing they wear ... we are all people. We worry about what's for dinner, how is the family. We get up in the morning and get through the day. 





Several years ago, I stumbled into a sushi making class through an inn where I stayed in Tokyo. It was in the kitchen of an authentic sushi restaurant. And we got to eat our creations. Yum!

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